More than muscles

  • More than muscles

    Most people think bodybuilding is something which is usually done by stupid heads who are extremely self centered and all they know is to build muscles in life. Well, this is what majority of the people perceive as this is what they're being told and this is what they've listened most of the time... View Post
  • Popeye burgers recipe

    Bringing you the most requested recipe of all time straight. Yes, this is my favourite Popeye Burgers recipe and I’m sure the only burger recipe you'll ever need too. (Prepares 6)🍔 6 burger buns🍔 4 boiled potatoes🍔 1/2 cup sweet corn🍔 1/2 cup bread crumbs🍔 Cilantro🍔 Spinach🍔 1-2 green chillies🍔 S... View Post