VIP Coaching

Rs. 25,999

Turn around and go back to one of my other programs.

This is not your regular coaching and I don't recommend this to 99% of people.

VIP Coaching is for those who are extremely serious turning their life around and have a warrior mindset.

Who are willing to do whatever it takes, toughen up & be proud of the man in the mirror.

An elite level structured program for those who want to be at the TOP!


✓ Super long questionnaire to get maximum insight
✓ Blood work analysis (if required)
✓ Breathing technique, mobility work, skin & hair rejuvenation
✓ Focus on improving mental health, sleep/stress pattern and overall quality of life to make things easy and sustainable
✓ To teach you everything you need to know about fitness, health and body re-comp
✓ Complete Nutrition: Based on your preferences, goals and eating habits
✓ Training Schedule: Crafted accordance with your present level, training history, health, equipment availability
✓ Cardio and supplement protocol for optimal health, recovery and hormonal imbalances
✓ Weekly check-ins where I will monitor your progress and make changes (if required)
✓ Secret tips and tricks I have learned during my 10 years of training and coaching experience
✓ Access to Vasu through his personal WhatsApp for all doubts & queries

Duration: 3 months 
Availability: 5 slots per month

Process: Once enrolled, Vasu will personally get in touch with you to take things forward. 
Please don't rush and allow at least 7-10 days to design and craft your program since everything is individualised and in-depth.

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