Eat, Enjoy and Repeat!


I know that calculating macronutrients and calories can be very complex at times, so leave that up to me. You just trust in the process and get results by staying consistent and patient.

I’ll factor in your dislikes, allergies, dietary preferences and goals to make sure the program is as effective and enjoyable as possible.

Your calories & macros + eating foods you enjoy = Best meal plan for you.

rock your goals at home or a gym

No guess work

Gone are the days of doing random workouts and wondering, "am I doing this right?" Every exercise comes complete with easy-to-follow videos.

I will let you know what rep ranges and sets to conduct each exercise in, so that you are not spending too much time in the gym but more so optimizing each exercise with less volume.

Hand Holding 24/7 support

Ask me anything

Problem digesting any meal well?

Want me to exclude some foods in your diet?

Is it difficult for you to do any exercise because today is not the best day or do you have an injury?

No problem, I will substitute anything what does not work or you do not like.

The Approach

I started lifting when I was 16 and now I’m 27.

That’s 11 years of experience living this lifestyle.

In 2014 I began working online and have now helped over 10,000+ men and women changed their lives.

After years of experience, one thing I can tell you is each person is unique, what works for others, might not work for you.

Most programs are one size fits all, and the reality is we are ALL different. We need tailored routines specific to us and our needs.

When I design your program, I craft it precise, enjoyable and tailored to you, your goals, likes and dislikes and fitness orientation which means you're guaranteed to get results.

If you feel there’s nothing out there for you...

Think again.

You get all the tools you need to optimise your health & body composition towards long term results and an education on how to do things the right way from here on out.

No more quick fixes, no more gimmicks, no more frustration, just working together to find a solution.




results speak louder than words

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Meet your coach

And this is his story

Fitness is not all about those beefed up muscles. It is a WAY OF LIFE that needs dedication and perseverance.

Vasu Mittal, hailing from New Delhi, redefined the fitness industry in India when he started off nine years ago in 2014.

His calling was to help others to realize their greatness, their potential, their gifts. A strong vision to change the lives of people by not just growing their physiques but also brains and spirit. 

Today, Vasu has evolved to become a luminary in the fitness industry. He is one of the leading transformation specialists with an extensive clientele across the globe.

Moreover, he dipped his feet into entrepreneurship with VM Nutrition, his very own supplement brand which is well known for bringing a groundbreaking change in the country.


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Reach the top 1%

VIP Coaching

VIP Coaching

Rs. 25,999

Turn around and go back to one of my other programs.

This is not your regular coaching and I don't recommend this to 99% of people.

VIP Coaching is for those who are extremely serious turning their life around and have a warrior mindset.

Who are willing to do whatever it takes, toughen up & be proud of the man in the mirror.

An elite level structured program for those who want to be at the TOP!


✓ Super long questionnaire to get maximum insight
✓ Blood work analysis (if required)
✓ Breathing technique, mobility work, skin & hair rejuvenation
✓ Focus on improving mental health, sleep/stress pattern and overall quality of life to make things easy and sustainable
✓ To teach you everything you need to know about fitness, health and body re-comp
✓ Complete Nutrition: Based on your preferences, goals and eating habits
✓ Training Schedule: Crafted accordance with your present level, training history, health, equipment availability
✓ Cardio and supplement protocol for optimal health, recovery and hormonal imbalances
✓ Weekly check-ins where I will monitor your progress and make changes (if required)
✓ Secret tips and tricks I have learned during my 10 years of training and coaching experience
✓ Access to Vasu through his personal WhatsApp for all doubts & queries

Duration: 3 months 
Availability: 5 slots per month

Process: Once enrolled, Vasu will personally get in touch with you to take things forward. 
Please don't rush and allow at least 7-10 days to design and craft your program since everything is individualised and in-depth.