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Article: 3 Ways to Break Through a Fat Loss Plateau

Break Through

3 Ways to Break Through a Fat Loss Plateau

Today, after spending over 10,000 hours training over thousands of people, I’m revealing 3 SECRETS to ensure you never “hit the wall” again with your fat loss.

Firstly, do you know WHY you plateau?

When you “hit the wall” with your diet, even though you’re doing all the right things, do you know why it happens? Or do you simply give up and accept defeat?

If it's the latter, watch me shed some light:

The #1 reason why men hit a fat-loss plateau is failure to correctly adjust their program.

Why do you need to adjust your program?

2 reasons:

Metabolism slows due to smaller body mass

As you begin to lose weight, your daily caloric expenditure decreases because of your smaller body mass.

This means that if you want to keep LOSING weight, you must further reduce the number of calories you’re eating daily.

Metabolism slows due to adaptive thermogenesis

Staying in a caloric deficit for an extended period of time causes your metabolism to slow down even further because of a biological response called “adaptive thermogenesis”.

Adaptive thermogenesis is when your body conserves energy in response to the lack of calories.

As a result, your weight loss plateaus because what WAS your “deficit” calories becomes your “maintenance” and you don't even realise.

The danger of not knowing this:

... is that you WILL inevitably “hit a wall” where the scale stops moving and 9 times out of 10 you’ll quit (why would you continue if you’re not making progress?)

What’s more…

If you reduce your calories FURTHER in order to keep losing weight, you enter a vicious cycle that will leave you with no energy and no power for workouts.

So now you see the danger, what can you do to counteract it?

There are 3 methods to effectively deal with changes in your metabolism that I use with all my 1-on-1 clients, which are:

1. The 20% deficit rule

A 20% calorie deficit is large enough to consistently burn fat but small enough to ensure you aren't ridiculously hungry.

2. Re-feed days

Re-feed day = increasing your calories back to maintenance or even 10-15% above maintenance.

Incorporate a re-feed day once a week if you’re heavy and twice a week if you’re already lean.

3. Long-term periodic breaks

Every 12 weeks or so, go back to your maintenance calories for a full week.

Note: this does NOT mean go wild and start eating like s**t, clean food is always better.

Alone, they are ALL effective, but together…

They make it near impossible to plateau – which allow my guys to consistently lose weight every week of the year and hit their goals without stalling.

Unlike other men who fall into the traps I listed earlier...

And so they lose the belief they CAN hit their target weight, resigning to a life of being overweight and miserable.

Hope this helps!


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Knowledgeable content 😍💪🏻

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