• Ultimate Lean Mass Program — 12 Week Guide - Vasu Mittal

Ultimate Lean Mass Program — 12 Week Guide

This is a special program written and designed by VM for lean muscle mass building protocol. It is going to help you build aesthetics/muscle and strength with a very straightforward and entertaining approach. 

What’s included?

  • A detailed meal plan which is going to help you build lean tissue while keeping the fat away. This is exactly what I have used to put on muscle over the last few years.
  • Breakdown of daily macros 
  • Daily meals (incl portion size)
  • Both vegetarian & non-vegetarian meal options. 
  • Complete grocery shopping list 
  • Supplement guide: what to take, when to take, where to buy
  • Progress boosting golden tips
  • This downloadable PDF eBook features 3 unique workout schedules which gets harder as you progress. 
  • The right combination of sets & reps to maximize gains.
  • Easily accessible on all smart devices.  
      • Rs. 5,000.00