Premium / 12 weeks

What does this program include? 

  • Custom Nutrition Plan
  • Custom Training Program 
  • Supplement Guidance  
  • 1-on-1 Email Communication & Progress Monitoring 

      And all the tools to lose body fat & gain muscle with simple planning and diligence. 

      The Process:

      As soon as you check out, you're signed up. A questionnaire would be sent on your email address, fill it up and submit. Once I have all your personal information and starting pictures, please allow me 3-5 days to create your custom tailored plan. A lot of people rush but remember, perfection takes time. Once I update you with your plan, put in the work and stay in touch with me via email. I'll monitor your progress and make adjustments where needed. 

      • Rs. 3,999.00
      • Rs. 12,000.00