More than muscles

Most people think bodybuilding is something which is usually done by stupid heads who are extremely self centered and all they know is to build muscles in life. Well, this is what majority of the people perceive as this is what they're being told and this is what they've listened most of the times. You see how things work? One guy says something, the same says to another, and then the whole statement revolves around till eternity, stupid right? I know it is. You know majority does not have an idea what it really is because they have never really done it, they are absolutely clueless about the paragon of virtue it offers. Say what? If I were to tell you bodybuilding has been my route for the successes I have today, would you look at it from a different horizon? It's so much more than building muscles, it's a therapy. It's like my very own world of happiness. It makes me. Builds me. Nurtures. Brings tranquility. All I know is... the same way I built my body, the very same I can learn to dance, build a business, attract women and do whatever I set my mind to. You understand what I'm talking about? Anything is achievable since this thing tests your will, faith, body, character and work ethics. It develops all the virtues you need in order to be successful anywhere in life.

Your boy, 

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