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Whether you want to lean bulk, shred or maintain your current weight, proper nutrition is the foundation for success. Get a custom built diet plan based off your body type, lifestyle and goals and unlock your true potential.


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The training plan provided will push you up a notch further. Every exercise comes complete with easy-to-follow videos. Know you're training the right way with simple instructions, video tutorials, correct progressions, and weight calculations so you know there’s no guesswork. 


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Weekly check-ins, progress monitoring and answer to all of your questions via my members-only app, which you'll gain instant access to. Get in touch with me anytime to ask anything. Awesome right? 

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Fitness is not all about those beefed up muscles. It is a way of life that needs dedication and perseverance. Vasu Mittal, hailing from New Delhi, wanted to redefine the fitness industry in India when he started off seven years ago in 2014. He had the vision to change the lives of people by growing their brains, physique and spirit. Today, Vasu has evolved to become a reliable name in the fitness industry. He is one of the leading transformation specialists with an extensive clientele across the globe. Moreover, he dipped his feet into entrepreneurship with VM Nutrition, his very own company which sells premium supplements.

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The Approach

In 2014 I began working online and have now helped over 10,000+ men and women online. After years of experience, one thing I can tell you is each individual is different & so is the body’s requirements. Your nutrition and training is something which should always be designed around your body type, lifestyle, experience and goals. When I design your program, I carefully craft it so that it is precise, enjoyable and tailored to YOU and your goals - meaning you're guaranteed to get results.

I give you all the tools you need to achieve and celebrate your success.

I know that if I can, YOU CAN.

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